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Poster at the Final Ice2sea Open Forum

University of Iceland was a partner in the EU project Ice2sea. Amongst results is a better constrain on potential sea level rise. Our contribution was regarding sliding of glaciers, as explained on the poster below. We have developed a method … Continue reading

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Unbelievable surface melt extent for Greenland

New data, combining observations from 3 different satellites, show that almost the whole surface of the Greenland glaciers was melting on 12 July 2012. It is not clear still whether most of this will refreeze, or contribute to this seasons … Continue reading

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No ice on Öskjuvatni

No ice cover on lake Öskjuvatni is causing some interest. This is clearly seen on satellite images from NASA on 2 April 2012. Öskjuvatn is the dark spot just to the north-east of the center of the country. Image from … Continue reading

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Pictures from Glaciology field trip 2011

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Basal sliding at Brúarjökull, Iceland

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Dust and ash blowing to the sea on 15 September 2010

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The difficult task of estimating the melt rate of the large ice sheets

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