Particulate matter during New Year’s Eve 2016/17

The weather was very good during New Years, calm winds, clear skies and cold.

Therefore, PM10 concentration was expected to reach high values, and it did.

At Grensás, close to downtown Reykjavik, the concentration reached maximum at 01:30, reaching almost 2500 µg/m³. The concentration in the Family-and petting zoo, nearby but with more vegetation and further from apartments, the concentration followed the same pattern, but with lower values. At 01:30 the maximum there reached 1500 µg/m³.


The 24-hour average for 1 January 2017 at GRE was about 160 µg/m³, three times the health limit.

More about the PM during New Year’s Eve in Icelandic: “Svifryks­meng­un langt yfir heilsu­vernd­ar­mörk­um

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