Dust storm – lots of clouds–on 28 April 2016

Despite cloud cover, it is possible to detect some dust blowing out to sea from the area east of Mýrdalsjökull. It is likely that this is the Eldhraun area that was flooded in jökulhlaup in Skaftá in October 2015. In the local news yesterday there was a story about a lot of dust blowing there, but clouds completely obscured the view that day.

The wind pattern is quite complicated, but large scale fits with quite strong northerly winds.
Weather at 15 on 28 April 2016 (from the IMO web-site).

The satellite images show the dust.

20160428_modis_truecol_A20161191240 12:40 (image from NASA/Rapidfire)

20160428_modis_truecol_P20161191255 12:55 (image from NASA/Rapidfire)

14:35 (image from NASA/Rapidfire)

The story from yesterday [Dust storm in the flooded area] Sand­byl­ur á flóðasvæðunum. Sand­ur­inn æðir yfir gróður í Eld­hrauni við Brest [Dust blowing over vegetation at Eldhraun near Brest]. [Photo] Ljós­mynd/​Gúst­av M. Ásbjörns­son

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