Air (not)quality in Beijing and south of Himalaya

Haze south of the Himalaya

South of the Himalaya there is a “river” of haze, mix of agricultural fires, industrial and urban pollution, made worse by temperature inversion.

A River of Haze
India and Bangladesh region south of the Himalaya’s on 11 January 2013. Image courtesy of NASA/Rapidfire.

This one is from 10 January 2013, shows how the haze hugs the Himalaya.

10 January 2013. Image courtesy of NASA/Rapidfire.

Incredible level of pollution in Beijing.

According to news the level of PM2.5 reaches 886 µg/m3 (think it is hourly values – would be nice to know) in places, and certainly over 700 µg/m3. This has been this way for several days. Health limit by WHO is 25 µg/m3 – so 35 times over the limit !

With abundant particulate matter sources, coal power, explosive growth in car ownership, and industry, and weather conditions unfavorable for good air quality (still weather), the levels can quickly go over the recommended health limits.

Officials have activated a new plan restricting construction and industrial activity, curbing vehicle use by government officials and ordering schools to limit outside activity.


At the same time, according to measurements (according to a news report though) in Dehli, India, on a fairly usual and brisk day, the PM2.5 concentration ranged from 130 to 565 µg/m3 !

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